LUST offers an incredible "upscale" experience for those looking for more than the average night club scene. This is accomplished by providing private parties in an atmosphere where guests are surrounded by luxury & the sexiest, youngest and most attractive guests anywhere. Live DJ/music and entertainment, combined with some of the most luxurious settings and locations available help to create a wild and unique party experience. Membership is exclusive and all potential guests must go through our screening process. LUST also provides membership networking and high-end party recommendations/information to our members.

LUST was formed because of a demand for exclusive events & selective guest membership. A friendly no pressure atmosphere is always created and allows all members to feel comfortable and adventurous without any prejudice or attitudes. If its generating great conversation with other guests, being surrounded by gorgeous people, dancing all night with friends, or just taking it all in, LUST offers the ultimate luxurious experience.

LUST events are Invitation-Only, to insure the quality of the guests who attend. You must be on the guest list to be admitted into an event. If you feel you are fit, attractive and possess the right attitude to be a guest, you may e-mail 3 or more recent pictures of all guests interested in attending & why you would like to attend and/or become a member at:

The unique balance of beautiful women throughout the entire party is what keeps our private events fun and sexy. Attractive guests and beautiful women are a central focus of our events. As mentioned in the December issue of PENTHOUSE magazine - "The crowd is the hottest & the sexiest - You must be on the guest list & walk-ins are not accepted." We are not an open door party - LUST is a members-only organization. Monthly Mansion parties can swell from 250 - 400 guests. Major annual events such as Halloween or New Years, or our Las Vegas weekend events such as OUR LUST ANNIVERSARY and HUSTLERS & HONEYS attract up to 1000 guests from across the country.

LUST reserves the right to refuse membership to any potential guest & to remove anyone from our guest list at anytime. If we do remove you from the guest list, you will be notified. All guests must be 21 years or older.

We encourage all guests to party safely and responsibly. NO DRUGS or over intoxication will be tolerated!! Guests overindulging in liquor to the point of becoming 'non-social' or counterproductive will not be invited back. Fun & safety are always the priority for our guests. If the behavior, overindulgence, appearance, or attitude of any guest(s) causes a negative impact on guest's ability to have fun, such individual(s) will be asked to leave immediately & removed from our membership.

Guest list and privacy are of utmost importance to us. We ask that you keep your cameras at home as no cameras, microphones, or recording devices are allowed at any event...thank you!